Your Capital Corporation provides solutions to your house problems -- whether you need to sell your house or you are seeking to purchase a new home. We are not Realtors®. We do not charge commissions or fees. We don't list houses; we actually buy single and multi-family houses, townhouses and condos. We buy houses in any condition. You'll get a quick sale with no hassle and your worries will be behind you. We handle all of the paperwork and make all of the arrangements. Sometimes, we can even cover all of your closings costs. We can stop foreclosures - even if in progress. We even have a program to buy your house in a way that will repair your credit. And we can do all of this very quickly. We can buy your house in 9 days or less.      

We are a company that specializes in creative, quick, and fair solutions to your real estate problems such as:

  • Real estate agent can't sell your house
  • In, or about to go into, foreclosure
  • Can't afford your high mortgage payments
  • Divorce
  • You can't afford to keep the house up
  • Relocating and don't want two mortgage payments
  • Need to sell FAST!
  • Bad tenants
  • House is in Georgia, you're not
  • Behind on your payments
  • House is not in good shape, it won't show very well
  • Dilemma: Do I sell before I buy my next house and have no place to go; or do I buy first and risk two mortgage payments?
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